As a Global Managed Security Service Provider, we provide customers with peace of mind and protection against cyber threats. The way we work is by becoming an entrusted extension of your security team.

Hence we offer a Free Managed Firewall Audit, please submit the form and one of our team member will get in touch.


    • Receive a Firewall optimisation report.

    • Receive a compliance report in accordance with industry standards (e.g PCI DSS, CIS, NIST).

    • Identify risky rules that require hardening.

    • Create Change Requests to document the required improvements.

    • Onboard onto Firemon.


    • Address Internal Skill Shortages & staff costs.

    • Improve Security, compliance, and business agility.

    • Optimise Security policies.

    • Reduce Attack Surface for mitigation of cyber threats.

    • Enforce Policies across complex, heterogeneous IT environments.